Nestlé has recently released a small coffee-roasting solution that allows baristas to offer numerous personal blends of coffee.

The Roastelier system is equipped with a useful QR code reader that identifies and recognises the coffee kind as well as offers a series of roasting profiles defined by Nestlé and also set right into its data source.

Via a user interface, baristas can personalise the roasting of the coffee beans and also access a number of sensory profiles from the picked bean kinds to create their residence blends.

Roastelier is additionally a service system that supplies tools as well as advice to store owners to differentiate as well as increase their offerings, for instance, by marketing their own signature baked coffee beans.

According to Nestlé, the Roastelier option gets rid of the obstacles that baristas face when trying to establish a roaster in the shop: sourcing eco-friendly beans, trial and error when programming roasting profiles, handling smoke exhausts as well as decreasing coffee wastage.

” We have developed Roastelier in less than 12 months, capitalising on our R&D expertise in beverage system technologies,” said Reinhold Jakobi, head of Nestlé professional strategic business unit.

” With this artisanal on-site roasting solution, baristas can now offer hassle-free, freshly roasted coffee, with hundreds of personalised blends at their fingertips, to cater to the increasing diversity of consumer tastes and desires.

Reinhold added: “Our objective is to put baristas at the heart of the craft, opening up new innovative avenues for them to delight their consumers as well as record more value from their businesses.”

Roastelier is being presented in Greece and Scandinavia and will be released across Europe as well as Latin America in 2020.


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