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The event took place on the 27th of January, to launch a joint project by the Government of Jamaica, and the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export). Currently, the EU makes up 10% of Jamaica’s coffee exports.

Europe, with its large consumer base and approximately 450 million people, poses strong prospects as a new and important coffee export market for Jamaica. The data indicates that Europe accounts for 33 per cent of global coffee consumption in 2021, which is approximately 3.24 million tons of coffee in that market.

Kamina Johnson-Smith, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

According to Jamaica’s coffee exporters and their EU counterparts, the lack of marketing intelligence and penetration strategies, hindered the expansion to Europe. In response, Caribbean Export proposed a two-phase approach

In the first phase, consultants Windward Commodities, will study the EU coffee market, including analysing market penetration strategies by other major coffee suppliers, and the market entry requirements.

The second phase will focus on developing a targeted penetration strategy, to boost the presence of local coffee brands like Blue Mountain, and Jamaica High Mountain, in the region.

Executive Director of Caribbean Export, Deodat] Maharaj stated:

Our goal is to assist in creating an evidence-based strategy, for positioning Jamaican coffee in the European market which, when executed, will connect with new consumers, and create a memorable experience, while sharing the story behind the product and strengthening the unique brand identity of Jamaican coffee and Jamaica as a whole.

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