UCC coffee


UCC Ueshima Coffee, one of Japan’s top coffee manufacturers, used the services of MMR Research to evaluate their brand’s potential for launching their product in the UK.

MMR Research provides companies with insight and consumer research solutions to deliver commercial impact, with services that assist in everything from branding and innovation to product development and retail strategy. For a quicker turnaround, companies can opt for MMR Express, which is what UCC Ueshima Coffee did.

The objective was to evaluate the success rate of this Japanese coffee brand’s new product development against key competitors in the UK, particularly the top two of the market. MMR Express used one of their solutions called Concept Validator alongside other testings for the task. 

The Concept Validator solution evaluates the concepts of a company to identify which ones have the best potential at consumer demand and brand growth.

Using various tests as well as consumer feedback, companies can gauge the performance of the concepts and finalise the next steps to take. 

For UCC Ueshima Coffee’s case, MMR Express used its AI eye-tracking software to analyse the brand’s product packaging and pinpoint which parts caught the attention of consumers.

The service gave a strong indication that the brand had high potential in the UK, despite being new to the market. Since their launch at the start of this year, the response has been positive, which the company feels has endorsed the research by MMR.

There are new products launching consistently, especially with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). To consistently come up with new product innovation while keeping up with consumer demands is a challenge for FMCG companies. Services offered by MMR Research are great tools for brands such as UCC Ueshima to maintain their top positions and expand to reach a wider audience.

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