Austrian brand GREENESSO, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to make a small machine that creates refillable Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules using stainless steel.

We assume the name comes from an amalgamation of the words “Green” and “Nespresso”, and while it’s not very catchy, it does describe its purpose clearly.

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The brand, founded by Mario Kuss, started its concept and prototypes back in June 2020 and launched a Kickstarter campaign in March 2022. GREENESSO is a machine designed to take the hassle and mess out of using refillable Nespresso capsules.

According to the company, the GREENESSO device and capsules are easy to use: fill the coffee dispenser with the preferred ground of coffee, compress and seal the capsule, press the head of the locking unit, and the finished capsule is ready.

Compatible with all original Nespresso machines and for all types of coffee, these refillable coffee capsules give you the flexibility of adjusting the filling quantity and exact pressing depth to control the extraction.

The company stated:

At GREENESSO, we aim to make the coffee experience effortless and blissful, with our cutting-edge, user-friendly capsule refill system. Reusable coffee capsules are nothing new, but most of them can’t assure effective refilling until now. GREENESSO is intelligently designed to resolve the problems faced by regular reusable coffee capsules… Not just that, our GREENESSO also assures a convenient no-mess experience, conscientious eco-friendly design, as well as money-saving capabilities.

GREENESSO’s attempt to address the deficiencies of refillable capsule machines is laudable. It still looks a bit like a prototype, but the device is an affordable and flexible addition for an eco-minded coffee drinkers’ kitchen.


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