Chocs For Docs Offer From Cocoa Runners


In the UK, Cocoa Runners a speciality chocolate gift and subscription company, are offering to donate any profits they make to foodbanks when you buy chocolate for the British NHS under the catchy title “Chocs for Docs”.

You can participate by choosing from gifs of either £10, £20, or £30 and Coco Runners will send packages of craft chocolate to NHS workers. As they say on their site.

“… we’ll pull together craft chocolate gift packages for them. All profits we make from these sales will go to local food-banks so we can support as many other people as possible. ”

Empty Hamper From Above

In the UK, there’s not much we can do individually about the lack of testing kits or ventilators, but at least we can send chocolate! Bartalks has made their donation – after all with 20,000 retired and potentially vulnerable NHS workers volunteering to come back to the front line, we need to show our support any way we can.


  • Nick Baskett


    Nick Baskett is the editor in Chief at Bartalks. He holds a diploma from the Financial Times as a Non Executive Director and works as a consultant across multiple industries. Nick has owned multiple businesses, including an award-winning restaurant and coffee shop in North Macedonia.

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