Buencafé recently presented its prototype lids for coffee jars as part of its commitment to sustainability. The lids are made of the avocado seed, a biodegradable material that will enable the company to lower the use of plastic in its products.

The formula was first created in Mexico by the company Biofase. The lids are made with avocado seeds and bio-based resin, “a formula that reduces the environmental footprint. Each lid contains up to 60% of this organic biomass.” The benefit of such a lid is that it can decompose in a span of two years. In comparison, regular plastic would need about 500 years to decompose.

Additionally, “a single dehydrated and processed avocado seed is estimated to allow making two to three lids.” This innovative packaging solution is currently in the pilot stage, which is the first step to making the product available on a bigger scale. Buencafé created the prototype in cooperation with some strategy partners, Riduco and Biofase Colombia, and is the result of a joint effort to produce ecological packaging.

This initiative shows how innovation at Buencafé is at the service of sustainability to conserve a vital planet.

Cristina Madriñán, Director General, Buencafé

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has operated Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia since 1973, one of the biggest and most advanced freeze-dried coffee processing facilities in the world. The factory exports 24 million cups of freeze-dried coffee every day to 60 markets in about 40 different countries. 100% of Buencafé’s profits are reinvested in public goods and services, including technical aid and R&D, for the 540,000 families who cultivate coffee in Colombia.

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