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The British trade union Unite has reached an agreement with Barry Callebaut’s management on a 10 per cent pay rise for around 200 workers at the company’s factory in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Inflation in the UK is currently at 9.4%, and it is expected to rise to over 13% over the next year. The cost of living for British workers is a key topic of concern in the country, and the Unions are pushing for company’s to increase remuneration for workers to compensate for the effective loss in earnings.

The one-year collective agreement means that the salaries, bonuses and pensions of production workers and technicians will be increased by 10 per cent.

The deal was secured without the need for industrial action – unlike many other sectors of the business, such as transport, which are engaged in prolonged and organised strike action in the country.

When employers can afford to put forward a decent pay rise, we are determined to ensure that they do. Once again, Unite’s total focus on boosting jobs, pay and conditions has delivered for our members. This deal could not have been achieved without the efforts of our representatives at Barry Callebaut and the support of Unite members.

Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary

Belgium-Swiss Barry Callebaut’s Banbury factory produces chocolate and cocoa products for a number of high-profile companies, including Cadbury, Nestle and Mars. Barry Callebaut has recently posted strong half-year results, in which they praised their colleagues during the pandemic, and they were likely expecting such a request from worker representatives.

This pay deal represents a fair and equitable increase to keep our members’ earnings in line with the cost-of-living crisis pressures they are facing. It also recognises the company’s strong performance following Covid and the loyalty of its workforce throughout that difficult period.

Chris Moon, Unite regional officer

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