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A friend drew my attention to Metiisto Artisan Chocolate, a company that sells a very limited number of bars worldwide, including here in the UK through Cocoarunners. Alas unavailable at the time I went to order.

The Metiisto founders were living in Sweden making chocolate that won five international and four ‘academy of chocolate’ awards. In 2018 they relocated to Toowoomba, Queensland in Australia and researched cocoa in the region to restart the business.

They settled on buying their cocoa from a tiny island called Paspaskato in the Solomon Islands. Tiny doesn’t quite do it justice, let me explain – there are a total of 2 (two) families on the island.

We hunted for the island on google maps, but apparently, there are places the google eye hasn’t reached yet, which just adds to the appeal of this exclusive (elusive) chocolate!

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