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The 19th Seoul International Cafe Show is opening its doors on the 4th-7th November 2020 in Seoul, Korea.

Over the past two decades, Seoul International Cafe Show has made immense contributions to the growth of the coffee industry in Korea and has maintained its status as Asia’s No.1 Coffee Event, being recognized globally throughout major coffee and other related communities around the world.

At its 19th edition during, Cafe Show Seoul is expecting over 650 exhibitors and 3,000 brands to showcase their products to local and international buyers in a metropolitan city worldly renowned for taking strong preventive measures against epidemics.

At the show, a wide spectrum of products featuring coffee, tea, bakery, ice-cream, dessert, beverage, machines & equipment and other services can be found throughout 36,007sqm of exhibition space.

With the world facing challenges due to the pandemic this year, Cafe Show Seoul is to adapt to the new era with the safety and business efficiency of its exhibitors and visitors at the forefront.

Even without having to be physically present at the event site, international exhibitors and visitors will still be able to get the experience and opportunity of being a part of the show through advanced technology and innovative business matching programs. On this note, Cafe Show Seoul is providing three key features: Smart Contact Program, Safe Connection Program, and Coffee Origins Zone.

Under Cafe Show Seoul’s Smart Contact & Safe Connection Program, strengthened online business platforms are available for more opportunities for effective business to our exhibitors and visitors that cannot travel physically to the show and systematic prevention measures are implemented for the operation of a safe exhibition.

Furthermore, even with travel restrictions, visitors will still be able to connect with coffee producers and exporters from various parts of the world at the show through “Coffee Origins Zone,” a special area dedicated to coffee producers and exporters from around the globe.

At the 9th World Coffee Leaders Forum, a concurrent conference occurring alongside Cafe Show Seoul (3rd- 6th November) , significant topics, such as “Life after COVID-19” and impact of the novel pandemic on world coffee consumptions, will be covered by major leaders of the industry, providing immediate solutions at this time for the world coffee community.

As always, Cafe Show Seoul is ready to present the global coffee community with an innovative paradigm that integrates industry, knowledge and culture. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience new values of coffee, and industry professionals will be able to come across the gateway to new, deeper and wider connections and business growth.

Other engaging show features include the 5th Seoul Coffee Festival and the World Coffee Battle.

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