Weather conditions in Côte d’Ivoire are causing concerns over the main harvest due to begin in October. 

The amount of rain has been below average for this time of year, and a cold snap has added to farmers’ concerns.  It is important for rainfall to ensure that pods grow adequately as the rainy season draws to a close.

Cold weather is a concern for farmers since it will hinder the growth of young pods. There is no immediate threat to yields, but the situation could have a negative impact.

Soubre, a main region for the cocoa farms, had 0.9 mm of rain last week, substantially below the average of 14.4 mm

Low rainfall was also reported in the regions of Bongouanou and Yamoussoukro as well as the centre-western region of Daloa, where there was only 3.6 mm of rain last week. The region expects an average of 24.5mm.

The concern is that pods will dry out before they have a chance to develop, according to farmers, as the temperature last week ranged from 25.2C to 27.7C

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