tanzania coffee farm


According to a report by the country’s central bank, Tanzania’s coffee export revenue was down 27% in April and production overall was lower by 19%.

Tanzania, which produces arabica and robusta coffee, is Africa’s fourth-largest coffee producer after Ethiopia, Uganda and Ivory Coast.

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This June, the government announced plans to increase its coffee production to 75,000 tons from 65,235 tons in the current year, through a programme of rehabilitating existing coffee farms and training farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GOP).

Uganda, which saw a 24% drop in production against last year, managed to increase revenue, as they benefitted from high prices, but coffee prices have been softening in April, and Tanzania’s revenues decreased from $14m in March, on production of 3,600 tonnes, to just $10.2m with a production of 2,900 tonnes.

Tanzania produces Arabica and Robusta, which are traded based on the prices from the New York and London ICE markets respectively. The country is not a large consumer of coffee and exports the majority of what it produces.

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