The Paderno Balanced Brew Coffee Maker has received the SCA’s Certified Home Brewer mark.

An iconic Canadian brand established in 1979, Paderno is widely known for a selection of quality cookware, bakeware, and kitchenware products. In 2019, Paderno launched a new range of appliances, including the newly certified Balanced Brew Coffee Maker especially designed to deliver consistent flavor, high quality, durability, and performance.

SCA Certified Home Brewers are designed to provide the highest quality standard for brewing specialty coffee at home. Developed by coffee scientists and professional tasters, the SCA Certified Home Brewer mark is the most rigorous brewer certification available. Testing for all SCA Certified Home Brewers is done at the UC Davis Coffee Center’s laboratories.

The SCA Certified mark awarded to the Paderno brewer denotes excellence in design and engineering as well as the ability to consistently meet specialty standards for a delicious cup. The Paderno Balanced Brew Coffee Maker passed the SCA’s rigorous tests in a variety of categories including brew basket volume, brewing time and temperature, beverage strength and extraction, uniformity of performance and extraction, beverage clarity, among others.

The Paderno Balanced Brew Coffee Maker is designed to brew up delicious, rich coffee in only 8 minutes. The coffee maker features:

  • A 9-cup, high-temperature resistant glass carafe with non-drip spout
  • LCD screen provides the time and temperature for ease of use
  • Powerful 1350W boilers maintain optimal temperature for a consistent perfect brew
  • Dynamic Control Dial for easy programming
  • “Small batch” setting for brewing only half a pot
  • Keep warm function maintains the coffee temperature after brewing
  • Built-in filter basket eliminates the need for disposable paper filters

The Paderno Balanced Brew Coffee Maker also stands out in terms of appearance, featuring a unique design with a black stainless-steel finish.

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