The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has assured cocoa farmers in Oyo State of their support for farmers producing premium cocoa for export.

The government also said it would soon begin the biometric registry of cocoa farmers to give the real farmers a chance to increase the state’s stake in the world cocoa export map.

Biometrics is the science of identification of an individual using their physical unique characteristics, such as fingerprint, retina scan, facial recognition, and even ‘gait analysis’ – which is the unique way someone walks. Most people, of course, rely on fingerprint technology since it is the most simple and cheapest solution.

One purpose of biometrics in a supply chain is to establish providence, an increasingly important set of data for selling into markets where consumers want to see ethical credentials.

The assurances came during an ‘Export Development Programme’ on Argo-Allied sectors organised for cocoa farmers and stakeholders by the Ibadan office of the NEPC.

NEPC is an organisation co-funded by the Nigerian Government alongside the EU and the UN Industrial Development Organisation. On their Cocoa page, they state:

We are the fourth largest producer, covering 6.5% share of global production. The production is projected to grow by 4% per annum in coming years. We are, with over 700 million USD, also the fourth largest exporter of cocoa beans worldwide.
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The Trade Promotion Advisor, NEPC, Ibadan Export Assistant Office, Mrs. Bolanle Emmanuel, said the council recognised the need to return the state to its glory days of cocoa producing to help improve farmers and economy.

She said the council was worried about the decline in cocoa production over the years, especially the export potential. She called the cocoa farmers and other stakeholders to address the challenges.


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