The Milan Coffee Festival


Boasting some of the world’s best latte artists, this experiential area enables visitors to watch and take part in hands-on workshops and demonstrations to learn the techniques and skills needed to create jaw-dropping masterpieces.

The exciting three-day programme includes daily latte art throwdowns and opportunities for visitors to have a go for themselves. 

World-Class Baristas
From a refined, multi-layered tulip to a flamboyantly-etched flamingo, these legends will pour it – right in front of your eyes. Taking to our stage will be all-star lineup including current World Latte Art Champion Manuela Fensore, Alpro Ambassador and Dutch Barista Champion Merijn Gijsbers, Italian Latte Art Champion 2017 Matteo Beluffi, and Eva Palma, Head Barista at Ditta Artigianale.

The Modbar Takeover Series…
The team at Modbar are no strangers to the Latte Art Live stage, bossing the feature since their 2017 London Coffee Festival debut. As we soon learned, they sure know how to draw a crowd. Catch their daily sessions including “Modbar Technical Series: Cappuccino, Latte & Flat White – Scopri le differenze!”, featuring Italian Latte Art Champion 2017 Matteo Beluffi, as well as Winner Stays On throwdowns

If you know the Modbar team anything like we do, you’ll know to expect high-level pours, fun and a hell of a lot of free, delicious speciality coffee.

Plant-Based Masterclasses with Merijn
Merijn Gijsbers, Alpro Ambassador and Dutch Barista Champion, will be leading this daily series of latte art masterclasses, focusing on how to pour with solely plant-based milk and demonstrating that creating artistic showpieces needn’t demand any dairy.  

Test out your own skills and learn to pour with a bonified latte art legend, who’ll teach you everything you need to know about plant-based art and coffee.

Bar Lady Takeovers with Manuela Fensore and Carmen Clemente
A festival first, as we’re joined by the team from Milan’s own Bar Lady Café Academy, who will be taking over the Latte Art Live stage to showcase some of the city’s finest pouring. Join the current Latte Art World Champion Manuela Fensore as she shares her secrets on stage as she unveils some of the intricate designs that led to her recent WCE Latte Art Championship win, followed by an emoji latte art throw down of course! Expect some digital-age colour and humour with some invaluable insider tips.

The Latte Art Speed Challenge
Brave enough to pour live on stage? Enter your name, your pour of choice and cross your fingers that the Ditta’s Serena Falcitano or Eva Palma picks you to take part in The Latte Art Speed Challenge. It will be a race to the finish as you take on the pro in the ultimate test of skill and agility. Can you keep a steady hand as time ticks away?


When bringing together world class baristas and top quality ingredients, you need to ensure you have the very best equipment to match. And there’s no latte art without a perfect espresso, and Latte Art Live 2019’s got the coolest machine going.


The Modbar espresso system consists of one espresso tap and one espresso module, with steam and pour-over systems to create all new bar designs, enhanced customer experiences and improved ergonomics and workflow patterns for the coffee professional.


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