KICHLY French Press Review

KICHLY French Press Review

Looking for a coffee maker that combines style and functionality effortlessly? You’re in for a treat with the KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker. This sleek and durable brewer is designed to bring you easy-to-use, quick brewing, and versatile tea-making capabilities in one stylish package. Let’s dive into why this French press is a game-changer!

KICHLY 8-Cup French Press Cafetiere
Solid and Reliable
The KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker is a durable and stylish French press that offers easy cleaning, decent coffee, and excellent heat retention. With its triple filter system and great value for money, it provides a reliable brewing experience for coffee enthusiasts and casual users alike. However, some users noted issues with the wobbly top lid and the inability to remove the glass beaker for cleaning.
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes decent coffee
  • Keeps coffee hot nicely
  • Triple filter system
  • Good value for the money
  • Glass beaker cannot be removed for cleaning
  • Top lid of filtering device feels wobbly

The KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker offers a convenient and efficient way to brew delicious coffee. With the capacity to brew 4 coffee mugs or 8 coffee cups, equivalent to 1000 ml, this French press is perfect for households or small gatherings. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this French press is heat-resistant and housed in a stylish, insulated plastic frame that ensures stability during the brewing and pouring process.

Compared to a drip coffee maker, the KICHLY French Press is easier to use and produces coffee within minutes without the need for wet filters. This versatile appliance can also be used to brew tea, adding to its functionality. Additionally, its dishwasher-safe design makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Brand: KICHLY
  • Volume Capacity: 1 litre
  • Special Feature: Heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Colour: Black
  • Model Number: EU0315

The sleek black color and thoughtful design of the KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere French Press make it an ideal gift for both men and women. Whether you are looking to elevate your morning routine or surprise a coffee enthusiast with a thoughtful present, this French press is a practical and stylish choice.

Brew Delicious Coffee at Home
  • 1000ml capacity
  • Durable borosilicate glass construction
  • Stylish and insulated plastic frame
  • Easy to use and quick brewing process
  • Suitable for making tea as well
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker


The KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere is a stylish and efficient French press coffee maker that offers a convenient way to brew your favorite coffee or tea. Made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass and a steel plunger, this coffee press is designed for durability and quality brewing.

Features and Benefits

  • Triple filter system ensures a smooth and flavorful coffee experience
  • Large 1000ml capacity, perfect for making 8 cups of coffee
  • Stylish black design complements any kitchen decor
  • Easy to use and clean, making it ideal for daily use
  • Keeps coffee hot for an extended period, perfect for sharing with friends and family
  • Great value for the money, providing a high-quality brewing experience at an affordable price

Real User Experiences

  • Users appreciate the modern design and ease of use of the KICHLY French press
  • Positive feedback on the quality of coffee produced and heat retention capabilities
  • Some users mentioned minor issues like a wobbly top lid but overall satisfied with the product’s durability and performance
  • Ideal for making coffee quickly and comfortably, with one user noting the convenience of boiling water in the microwave

Practical Tips

  • To maintain the longevity of the French press, handle the glass beaker with care to prevent cracks
  • Use coarsely ground coffee to avoid sediment in your brew and ensure a smooth cup of coffee
  • Regularly clean the French press to prevent any build-up that could affect the taste of your coffee

Final Thoughts

The KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere stands out as a reliable and stylish French press coffee maker that caters to both coffee enthusiasts and casual users alike. With its practical features, durable construction, and positive user feedback, this product offers a great brewing experience at an accessible price point. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the KICHLY French press delivers on quality and convenience.

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Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Right French Press Coffee Maker

When looking to purchase a French Press Coffee Maker, it’s important to consider several factors to ensure you select the right product that meets your needs. Below, we outline key considerations and steps to make an informed decision.

Key Considerations


  • Determine how many cups of coffee you typically make to select the right size. The KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere offers 8 cups, ideal for serving multiple people.


  • Opt for heat-resistant borosilicate glass for durability and easy cleaning. The KICHLY French Press features this high-quality material.


  • Look for French Press models with multiple filters to ensure a smooth, grit-free coffee experience. The KICHLY Cafetiere comes with triple filters for excellent filtration.


  • Choose a French Press with a sturdy steel plunger for longevity and optimal brewing results. The KICHLY Coffee Press features a reliable steel plunger.

Steps to Make an Informed Decision

  1. Research: Read reviews and compare different French Press Coffee Makers to understand the features and benefits of each.
  2. Budget: Determine your budget and find a French Press that aligns with your price range without compromising quality.
  3. Functionality: Consider how easy the French Press is to use and clean, ensuring convenience in your daily coffee routine.
  4. Aesthetics: Choose a design that complements your kitchen decor and personal style. The KICHLY French Press comes in a sleek black color.


  • Preheat the French Press before brewing for optimal temperature retention.
  • Use coarse coffee grounds to prevent sediment in your coffee.
  • Experiment with different brewing times to find your preferred coffee strength.

Case Studies and How-Tos

  • Check out online forums or videos for user experiences with the KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere to see how others are enjoying their coffee.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for brewing the perfect cup of coffee with your new French Press.


When selecting a French Press Coffee Maker like the KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere, consider factors such as capacity, material, filters, and plunger quality. By following the steps outlined in this guide and utilizing the tips provided, you can make an informed decision that enhances your coffee brewing experience.

French Press FAQs

What material is the plunger of the KICHLY French press made of?

The plunger of the KICHLY French press is made of steel.

What are the key factors to consider when selecting a high-quality French press coffee maker for home use?

When selecting a high-quality French press coffee maker for home use, key factors to consider include the material of the carafe (such as borosilicate glass for durability), the size and capacity of the coffee maker (e.g., 8 cups), the type of filter system used (triple filters for a smoother brew), the plunger mechanism (durable steel plunger), and heat resistance of the components. Additionally, factors such as ease of cleaning, comfortable handle design, and overall build quality are important considerations for a superior coffee-making experience at home.

What size French press coffee maker is best for making a single cup of coffee?

For making a single cup of coffee, a French press coffee maker with a capacity of around 350-400ml (12-14oz) is recommended. This size allows for optimal coffee-to-water ratio and brewing efficiency for a single serving.

How do you properly clean and maintain a French press coffee maker to ensure optimal performance and longevity?

To properly clean and maintain a French press coffee maker for optimal performance and longevity, follow these steps:

  1. Disassemble the French press by separating the plunger, filter, and glass carafe.
  2. Rinse all components with warm water immediately after each use to prevent coffee oils from building up.
  3. Use a mild detergent or dish soap to clean the plunger, filter, and carafe. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.
  4. For stubborn stains or residue, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to soak the components before cleaning them.
  5. Dry all parts completely before reassembling the French press.
  6. Store the French press in a dry place to prevent mold or mildew growth.
  7. Regularly replace the filters as needed to maintain optimal brewing performance.By following these cleaning and maintenance tips, you can ensure your French press coffee maker functions well and lasts for a long time.
Is the glass in the KICHLY French press heat resistant?

Yes, the glass in the KICHLY French press is heat resistant. The cafetiere is made with heat resistant borosilicate glass to withstand high temperatures while brewing coffee or tea.

Are the filters in the KICHLY French press easy to clean?

Yes, the filters in the KICHLY French press are easy to clean. The triple filters can be disassembled and rinsed under running water or cleaned in the dishwasher for convenience.

Is the KICHLY French press available in different colors?

The KICHLY French press is available in black color only.

How many cups of coffee does the KICHLY French press make?

The KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker makes 8 cups of coffee.

Key Terms Defined Here

  • Plunger: A cylindrical rod with a mesh filter at the end used to separate coffee grounds from brewed coffee
  • Brewing: The process of extracting flavors from coffee grounds by soaking them in hot water
  • Steeping: Allowing coffee grounds to sit in hot water, during which the flavors are extracted
  • Coarsely Ground Coffee: Coffee beans that have been ground to a larger particle size, suitable for brewing in a French press
  • Brew Time: The duration for which coffee grounds are in contact with hot water during the brewing process in a French press
  • Bloom: The initial process of pouring a small amount of hot water over coffee grounds to release gases before the main brewing process
  • Extraction: The process of dissolving and infusing coffee flavors into hot water during brewing
  • Plunge: The final step in the French press brewing process where the plunger is pushed down to separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee

To enhance your morning routine, consider upgrading to the KICHLY 1000ml Cafetiere 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker with Triple Filters. Enjoy a smooth and rich cup of coffee or tea with ease and quality you can rely on.

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  1. I agree with the review’s points on the coffee quality, but I haven’t experienced the wobbly top lid issue. Has anyone else faced this problem?

  2. What are some alternative 8-cup French Press Cafetieres on Amazon that are popular choices as compared to the KICHLY one?

  3. The KICHLY French Press has shown good durability over time, with many users reporting long-lasting performance.

  4. Can anyone recommend additional accessories or tips to enhance the brewing experience with the KICHLY French Press Cafetiere?

    1. Some users have recommended using a separate metal filter for a cleaner brew, while others suggest preheating the press for better heat retention.

  5. Could you provide a comparison between the KICHLY 8-Cup French Press Cafetiere and a similar product in terms of design and functionality?

    1. Peter Baskett

      I’m happy to provide a comparison! The KONA French Press is a popular alternative with a more secure lid and removable glass beaker for cleaning.

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