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The huge volume of cocoa just arrived a few days ago at the Camden Warehouse next to South Jersey’s port terminal.

With each bag weighing 150lbs, it’s no small effort to process them safely and without damage. The cocoa must remain dry, which at this time of year can be a challenge, since Jersey it’s not known for its clement weather during winter.

In fact, not long after the cargo ship ‘The Four Diamonds’ arrived with the beans, Jersey was hit with a snowstorm, making it difficult to unload their cargo.

The CEO of South Jersey Port Corporation, Andy Saporito stated in an interview with the Courier Post, that the Camden Port had become:

the premier cocoa bean import terminal on the East Coast… last year the port handled 2 million bags of cocoa beans

The way the port manages the offloading seems to play a key part in why warehousing and logistic companies like them.

The beans are transported without being stuffed into containers. While this approach poses other challenges, it means the cocoa can be offloaded quickly and efficiently, and therefore cost-effectively.

This cargo was from Côte d’Ivoire and it has arrived before Christmas, which is a little early, but good news for the 60 or more labourers that will be paid a bonus to help process them. Getting their bonus money before Christmas will be very welcome news.


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