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The incoming European laws over proof of origin have been the catalyst of new supply-chain initiatives. Godiva, which sources its Cocoa from the two largest producers, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, hasn’t always had a great track record for its ESG approach. In 2020 they won the Rotten Egg award for worst performing company. Mighty Earth had this to say about their environmental and labour practices.

Chocolate maker Godiva was given The Rotten Egg Award for failing to take responsibility for the conditions with which its chocolates are made, despite making huge profits off its chocolate. Godiva rated poorly across the board. 

World’s Largest Chocolate Companies Rated on Efforts to End Environmental and Labor Abuses – Mighty Earth

In 2022, the same annual survey found Godiva had moved up from a Red to an Orange status, having made marked improvements in several key areas. The engagement with organisations like Earthworm will hopefully continue the upward trend.

Press Release

Our work together will begin with an initial six-month phase, focused on laying the foundation for implementing GODIVA’s Cocoa and Forest Initiative (CFI) commitment to protect forests and the rights of people linked with growing and harvesting the cocoa used in its products.

The CFI is led by the governments of Ghana and Ivory Coast – the two biggest cocoa producing countries in the world, along with many leading cocoa and chocolate companies, including GODIVA. CFI’s aim is to end deforestation and restore forest areas.

In the next six months, we will support GODIVA to draft and publish a cocoa position statement and improve traceability. The position statement will help GODIVA clearly communicate its commitment and expectations related to sustainable cocoa. Traceability work will then provide a holistic view of where all cocoa in GODIVA products comes from; so that a comprehensive approach can be taken to address environmental or social issues in its supply chain. This work will be the foundation for GODIVA to support industry transformation. Additionally, GODIVA is supporting an Earthworm Foundation Rurality project in Soubré, a key cocoa producing region Ivory Coast.

GODIVA is dedicated to our vision for a sustainable and thriving cocoa industry where farmers prosper, communities are empowered, human rights are respected, and the environment is conserved.

We are thrilled to partner with Earthworm Foundation and support their incredibly crucial work to make value chains an engine of prosperity for communities and ecosystems.

Annie Young-Scrivner, CEO of GODIVA.

Earthworm Foundation has two decades of experience of transforming supply chains. Our work supporting cocoa businesses and government to protect forests around the world, and address human rights issues found in cocoa supply chains, began in 2013.

We are excited to partner with GODIVA and believe that together we can help tackle cocoa-related deforestation in West Africa, which will also help create increased value for cocoa farmers.

During the first six months of our partnership, we look forward to collaborating to build the foundation needed to actively protect and regenerate forests.

Bastien Sachet, CEO of Earthworm Foundation.


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