While much of the world is currently struggling with rising costs of living and steeply increasing energy prices, it seems that chocolate is still one of the simple pleasures that consumers turn to during the holiday season.

The German confectionery industry reports that it has produced about 5.6% more chocolate Santas for this year’s Christmas season than last year.

The Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) conducted a survey among its member companies, which revealed that 169 million chocolate Santas were produced for Christmas 2022.

According to the BDSI, the increase is due to more orders from food retailers as well as growth in the export business.

In difficult and uncertain political times, it is clear that confectionery is one of the little pleasures of everyday life. This applies in particular to chocolate Santa Clauses, which bring a lot of joy on the upcoming St. Nicholas Day and Christmas.

Dr Carsten Bernoth, Chief Executive Officer, BDSI

​BDSI also noted that vegan versions of the festive treat are popular this year, which was to be expected as consumers increasingly turn to ‘free-from’ and vegan alternatives.

According to BDSI, about one-third, or around 60 million chocolate Santas, are exported to neighbouring European countries as well as England, the USA, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The remaining two-thirds, or around 109 million chocolate Santas, were delivered to the country’s local grocers and department stores in recent weeks.

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated annually on 6 December in Germany and other European countries. One of the ways people celebrate this special occasion is through “Chocolate Santa”, the giving and receiving of chocolates in the shape of Santa Claus. Shops sell the famous Chocolate Santa as early as October.

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