Software solutions provider Cropster has introduced, a free web platform that specialty coffee companies can use to sell coffee online.

Andreas Idl, CEO of Cropster, stated, “When we realized the impact COVID-19 would carry specialty coffee companies, we focused our efforts to help them reach their customers. We have experience in developing online stores. We know individuals struggle to get online, so we created something fast, easy, and secure to help businesses during this challenging period. was a natural progression from our work with ‘Order to roast,’ which we released last year. It helps coffee companies take orders from solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce and directly turn into production, thus saving lots of time. We didn’t expect to create so rapidly, but difficult times require quick and trustworthy solutions.”

Andy Benedikter, who is a Head of Enterprise Sales and Education at Cropster, stated, “We follow social networks and have close contact with our clients. Because of the pandemic, many people have to close their cafés as a result of social distancing rules. We have to follow these rules to overcome the situation, but for the businesses, it means losing their primary source and, for some of them, the only source of revenue. If they only sell through their cafés, this puts their business and families at risk. The crisis gave us a very concrete problem to solve quickly.

” Within two hours at no charge, they can establish the webshop, launch it over social media, and keep selling through a different channel. Hopefully, this will help maintain their income. shops are already selling and available to Cropster customers. We are also looking into opening this service up to any coffee company without a webshop. Anyone who needs a webshop can go to, and join-he added.

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