Ghana’s Cocoa governing body, COCOBOD, has issued a warning against the diversion of cocoa fertilisers and other farming inputs. Those engaging in illegal practices have been threatened with prosecution if they fail to desist.

The announcement comes after it was found that Cocoa fertilisers and other agro-inputs that had been supplied to Cocoa farmers through various cooperatives and associations were being diverted and resold.

Cocoa fertilisers had been heavily subsidised by the government, in an attempt to make the necessary farming inputs more accessible and affordable for farming communities. However, some have seen this as an opportunity to profit, and are abusing the system.

We also wish to caution Cocoa farmers who are conniving with such miscreants in the diversion of the subsidised fertilisers to refrain from it immediately or face the consequences of their actions.


Security Agencies were asked to be diligent in identifying fertilizer and other inputs without the correct documentation, and the authorities asked the public to become whistleblowers if they know of abuses taking place.

The improper use of farming supplies, in this instance, is just one example of the types of issues that can complicate attempts at achieving a fair and sustainable livelihood for Cocoa-farming communities.

Stopping illegal activity when there is a quick profit to be made is going to be difficult, and this highlights some of the complexity the country is facing in addressing the country’s underlying problems with production. As output falls, macro-economic events produce headwinds, and a looming global recession puts downward pressure on pricing, Ghana is going to need to navigate its direction carefully to avoid a bad situation from becoming worse.

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