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COCOA NEWSCAST – 12 January, 2022

The Cocoa Newscast is out in full stereo beauty. Give your ears a treat and listen below, or go to the Podcasts/Cocoa News Cast page.

2 thoughts on “COCOA NEWSCAST – 12 January, 2022”

  1. Hello old chum-
    I fondly remember the good old days at U of D where you could not be trusted with any sort of chocolate by yourself… You would eat all of it bars, bags and foil. Glad to see you are well and doing what you love. Theobroma makes the world go around.
    Look me up if you should ever journey back to Iowa and I will get you a king size Hershey bar or two.

    1. Unbelievable! almost 35 years later, and you finally get in contact. Look, we both know you have a lot of dirt on me, but I’m respectable now – I’ll do anything, just don’t tell them about the New Mexico trip.

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