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It’s the time of year for The International Chocolate Awards, and a perfect time to get ideas for the chocolate lovers in your family. Or perhaps just a treat for yourself.

We’ve created a list of award winners, and a selection of their chocolates in a searchable and sortable table. There’s also a handy link to all the companies websites by country. Enjoy.

Great Britain Awards


Great BritainGoldProductSilverProductBronzeProduct
Milk ChocolateTeabites
Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or trufflesRealm of CreamLady LavenderChococo, Realm of CreamSpiced Rum, Cherry ShotRococoLiquorice Ganache
Flavoured milk chocolate ganaches or trufflesTen Watch ChocolatesIrish Coffee BonbonRococo, Ten Watch ChocolatesHoney & Macadamia, Tropical Fruit BonbonBen Le Prevost ChocolatierLemon Verbena and Ginger
Flavoured ganaches or truffles with combo coating or fillingLauden ChocolateBanana CaramelRealm of CreamRajesh Goes to ViennaRococoEarl Grey
Nut based pralines with milk chocolateTeabitesMacadamia ChaCha
Combo chocolate enrobed caramelsRococoBlack Treacle
Spreads with dark chocolateLauden ChocolateLuxury Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread

Scandinavia Awards


White chocolate bars with piecesLabysRaspberry LiquoriceLabysRhubarbLabysStrawbery Dream
Unflavoured dark chocolate ganaches or trufflesNordic ChocolatiersMayan Red Waterganache
Flavoured dark chocolate ganaches or trufflesCraig Alibone, Nordic Chocolatiers, PetriS ChocolateRaspberry Truffle
Flavoured milk chocolate ganaches or trufflesJentene pa TunetLakrislykke
Flavoured ganaches or trufflesJentene pa TunetPetriS Chocolate, Suklaa TaplaPassion Pralin,Arctic Blue Gin white chocolate
Flavoured Chocolate Ganache or truffles with combo coating or fillingChocolatteBlueberry GingerChocolatte, Fjak Chocolate, Jentene pa Tunet, Jentene pa TunetSalty Licorice Caramel, Norwegian Gingerbread bonbon, Go Bananas, Grepa Frukt, SitronsmilFjak Chocolate, La Feve by Pavel Pavlov, La Feve by Pavel Pavlov, La Feve by Pavel Pavlov, Malmstens mat & Choklad, Trondheim SjokoladeBlueberry & Lemon Cream, Rom, Orange & Smoked Milk Chocolate, Slaty Caramel, Strawberry & Champagne, Apple Cinnamon, Browned Butter Caramel & Cinnamon
Dark Chocolate Enrobed MarzipanFriis-Holm ChokoladePortwine Plums and Marcipan
Nut Based Praline with Combo ChocolateSverre Saetre KonditoriVaffelhjerte
Milk chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nutsSummerbirdNoisette Dragee
White chocolate dragées, enrobed whole nutsFjak ChocolateAlmond Dragees with Gingerbread White
Dark chocolate enrobed caramelsNordic ChocolatiersNon Dairy Cashew Caramel
Milk chocolate enrobed caramelsTrondheim SjokoladeSalt Liquirice Caramel
Dark chocolate enrobed manon/butter/creamFriis-Holm ChokoladeRose GeraniumFriis-Holm ChokoladeSloe Gin

Canada Awards


Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouringCentre and Main Chocolate Co.Preserved Lemon & Winter Savory
Dark chocolate bars with inclusions or pieces Etat de ChocPassion
Dark chocolate bars with a fillingEtat de ChocNoisettes, Chocolat Noir & Sarrasin
Milk chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouringEtat de ChocCari
Milk chocolate bars with inclusions or piecesThose ChocolatesBullriderGuild ChocolatesEarl Grey + Bergamot Pate de Fruit Bar
White chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouringGuild ChocolatesBlack Currant Bar
White chocolate bars with inclusions or piecesCentre and Main Chocolate Co.Caramel AppleCOCO XO ChocolateCitrus Poppy Seed Bar
Flavoured milk chocolate ganaches or trufflesKarat ChocolatePB & J
Flavoured ganaches or truffles with combination coating or fillingGuild ChocolatesPassion Fruit + Praline BonbonGuild Chocolates, Guild Chocolates, Inspiration ChocolatesBlack Currant Bonbon, Fruit Tea BonbonGuild ChocolatesLady Grey Bonbon
Nut based pralines with milk chocolateKarat ChocolateCafe au CoCo
Combination chocolate enrobed marzipanGuild ChocolatesFruity Hibiscus Bonbon


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