Brazil International Coffee Week


As the main national annual event and one the largest in the world, the Brazil International Coffee Week has an extensive program in content, plus the largest trade fair in the industry. The show will take place from November 20th to 22nd, 2019 at Expominas, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The highlight is the numerous simultaneous events, seminars, workshops, courses, cupping sessions, quality contests and meetings, divided in three main themes: Market & Consumption, Knowledge & Innovation and Business & Entrepreneurship. In 3 days, coffee producers, roasters, tasters, baristas, specialists and consumers will see the novelties in the largest event in the industry, and will have the chance to choose the best Brazilian coffee of this crop through the Coffee of the Year contest.

Since 2013, the Brazil ICW takes place in Belo Horizonte, capital of the largest producing State in the country, and focuses in the development of the market, increase acknowledgement of the Brazilian quality coffee in the internal market and buyers’ countries, and potentiate economical and social results of the industry.

These are some of the highlights of the Brazil International Coffee Week 2019:

  • Expo of brands and products:

The business platform for the coffee market has an expo area and attractions for the rural producer, co-ops, roasters, exporters, retailers, entrepreneurs, baristas, food service professionals and consumers. In 2018, 160 exhibitors showcased their brands and products, attracting more than 20 thousand professionals and coffee enthusiasts and generating more than R$ 42 millions in business started during the event.

  • DNA Café 2019

DNA Café is an international seminar about trends and challenges of the coffee industry. The lectures are presented by well-known professionals of the industry and cover relevant content on coffee growing, certification, coffee grading and roasting, coffee shops, trends and business in the domestic and international market. All lectures count on simultaneous portuguese/english/portuguese interpretation.

  • Sustainable Coffee Forum 2019

The forum gathers the most important professionals in the industry to discuss the actions taken in coffee-growing and the next steps for the sustainable development of the next generations. Brazil, the largest coffee producing and exporting country in the world, has its agriculture as a model and example of sustainability to the international market and the coffee value chain.

  • National Barista Championships

National edition of the most competitive showdown among the best professionals in the industry, presenting the latest trends in coffee brewing, coffee drinks with milk and drinks with espressos. Baristas and cuppers, as representatives of the link between production and consumption make their presentation and are evaluated by experienced judges. The winners of the National Championships represent the country in the international stage. In 2019, the Brazil ICW will host 3 competitions: the Brazilian Barista Championship (espressos, drinks with milk and drinks with coffee), the Brazilian Brewers Cup and the Brazilian Cup Tasters Championship.

  • 9th Edition of the IWCA National Meeting

IWCA Brasil annual meeting to debate the next steps of the group national-wise. This Alliance is a gathering of representatives from all Brazilian States who work in  the coffee supply chain, as coffee growers, baristas and businesswomen.

  • Cafeteria Modelo

This Coffee Shop holds events targeting the food service industry and features technical training for entrepreneurs and guidance for business planning. It also offers workshops with famous and respected Brazilian coffee professionals on how to set up a spotless coffee shop, and addresses different coffee preparation methods.

  • Torra Experience

This space covers various subjects related to coffee roasting, from trends and market to curves and profiles. Courses are focused and offered to producers, roast masters, cuppers, graders and baristas, taught by experienced professionals aiming experience exchange and promote discussions about this important science that impact the final result of coffee.

  • The Producers’ Courtyard

This new exhibition hall is dedicated to all producers with machinery and agricultural implements showcase, bringing novelties of what the producers need the most for their harvest and post-harvest with quality, innovation and technology. Counting on a modern infrastructure,  the agricultural world will be more present at the Brazil ICW!


The program has the purpose to transfer technology in general and costs management, improving management skills of the coffee growers in Minas Gerais. This initiative is developed and coordinated by the FAEMG system, and supported by Sicoob Crediminas and local partners.


Internal meeting among the project’s consultants and technicians aiming the development of property management according to availability of resources at the farm. The project is presented by Sebrae.

  • Cupping & Business Room

The Cupping & Business Room host cupping sessions with coffees of the current harvest, coming from all over Brazil, ready to be cupped by Brazilian and International buyers.

  • Coffee of the Year 2019

10 previously ranked coffees are blind-tasted by the audience and the most voted one is elected the best coffee of the year. The champions and official ranking will be disclosed on November 22nd.


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