Bartalks Christmas Gift Guide Part1


This week on Bean Talk, we run through the first in 2 parts of our 2020 Christmas gift guide.

These recommendations come without strings attached – we have no affiliation and earn nothing from these companies, products, or links.

Part 2 of the Christmas guide will be released next week.

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ItemWhere fromExpertise Cost
BaristaHustle Annual Subscriptionclick hereHigh£112
Peak Water Filterclick hereMed/High£52.5
Wacaco Portable MiniPress NS in Blackclick hereMed£59.5
1Zpresso JX Hand Grinderclick hereHigh£149
Hario Coffee Decanterclick hereLow£28
Precision VST Basketsclick hereHigh£39.24
Hario V60 Plastic click hereLow£11
Products Bh Learn Transp
Barista Hustle expert online courses and certifications
Peak 2
Peak Water Filter – also see our review here
Wacaco Nanopresso Patrol Yellow Web
Wacaco Nanopresso – portable espresso
Izpresso Jx 2 Web
1Zpresso JX Hand Grinder
V60 Plastic Kit Web
Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper Starter Kit
Vst Basket 3304 1 Web
VST Precision Basket
Cast Iron Roasters Hario Drip Decanter Web
Hario V60 Coffee Decanter


  • Nick Baskett


    Nick Baskett is the editor in Chief at Bartalks. He holds a diploma from the Financial Times as a Non Executive Director and works as a consultant across multiple industries. Nick has owned multiple businesses, including an award-winning restaurant and coffee shop in North Macedonia.

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