Barry Callebaut Group has launched a new initiative that will reward the Nigerian Cocoa farmers who uphold sustainable farming practices.

The management of Barry Callebaut Nigeria will pay qualifying farmers in Ondo and Cross River states a total additional premium of 26 million Naira (circa US$60,000) for sustainable Cocoa beans delivered in the 2021-2022 season.

This latest initiative is part of the company’s wider Cocoa Horizons programme, which aims to improve the livelihoods of Cocoa farming communities. The programme seeks to achieve this through a multi-pronged approach that includes increasing productivity and sustainable Cocoa production, as well as supporting entrepreneurial agriculture and overall community development.

Through its Cocoa Horizons programme, Barry Callebaut wants to actively deter Cocoa farming in protected environments and support initiatives that seek to eliminate child labour. In Nigeria/Akure and Ikom, more than 1,000 farmers recently participated in training that raise awareness of child labour issues and develop ways to fight against them.

Managing Director of Barry Callebaut Nigeria, Adriaan Verbeke, confirmed that the company is committed to supporting Nigerian Cocoa farmers and the well-being of their families, many of which are reliant on Cocoa farming for their livelihoods.

We are very appreciative of the farmers who have engaged in our Cocoa Horizons program and look forward to supporting them further to improve their livelihoods and their communities. We plan to extend the Cocoa Horizons program to farmers in other regions of Nigeria in the coming 2022-2023 season starting in October 2022. Barry Callebaut is demonstrating its long-term commitment to the Nigerian Cocoa sector, its farmers and local buying agents through this program.

Together, we can grow the sector and improve the livelihoods of the farmers and other stakeholders in the Cocoa supply chain.

Adriaan Verbeke, Managing Director, Barry Callebaut Nigeria

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