Swiss chocolate maker, Barry Callebaut, has inaugurated its new Chocolate Academy Centre in the UK.

The revamped Chocolate Academy Center in Banbury will provide customers, global and local food manufacturers, as well as artisans and professional chocolatiers, with improved facilities and support for training. In addition, the Chocolate Academy is a hub for exploring and innovating on the latest trends, techniques and recipes in chocolate.

“Today’s chocolate consumer is on a constant hunt for new and innovative tastes and recipes. With the brand new Chocolate Academy Center Banbury and a fantastic team, we renew our promise to our customers to share our expertise and work even closer together to bring these premium and exciting innovations to the market,” says Vincenzo Mangano, Sales Director Gourmet UK & Ireland

Its updated Chocolate Academy in Banbury, one of the numerous sites worldwide, will be a centre for discovering and innovating on the current patterns, methods and recipes in chocolate. It will also supply customers, regional as well as worldwide food manufacturers, artisans and specialist chocolatiers, with enhanced centres and providing assistance for training.

It belongs to a network of twenty-three Chocolate Academy Centres around the world where artisans and specialists, who intend to improve their abilities with chocolate and also discover new methods, techniques, and recipes are taught.

The company said production ability at its primary UK location in Banbury is going to increase by 25% over the following two years. Also, it wishes to raise its UK penetration and carry on innovating to meet customer and market demands, while simultaneously investing in a sustainable supply chain.

“The UK is a huge growth market, bursting with opportunity,” said Richard Terme, Barry Callebaut’s UK General Manager.

“The inauguration of this new Chocolate Academy Centre in Banbury marks yet another milestone in our successful growth story in the UK, and over the next years, we will continue to invest in our business and strengthen our collaboration with food manufacturing and artisanal customers in the UK.”

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