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Tim Hortons China, the Canadian coffee chain’s Chinese subsidiary, further expands its presence in the region, by partnering with METRO China, a Wu-mart and Metro joint venture. Under the terms of this partnership, Tims China will be the exclusive coffee shop brand for METRO stores in the country.

The coffee chain will open “Tims Go” coffee shops, at METRO China stores. currently, there are 99 stores across 60 cities. The Tims-Go outlets, which are the compact-store model of the regular shop format in China, have already opened at 7 METRO stores at the end of last month.

We are delighted for Tims China to become one of our anchor tenants, as we believe the brand will bring convenience and quality coffee products at great value to our members. Our partnership will also create a strong link between daily shopping and coffee consumption in our stores, that will greatly improve the overall shopping experience for our middle class customers.

Deputy CEO of METRO China, Chen Zhiyu:

The partnership already has plans to open at least 9 Tims-Go outlets, in METRO China shops across six cities by January 2022, which is the first of many the company plans to open.

Through this agreement, we can reach millions of new customers to share our welcoming guest experience and extensive high quality product offerings. Over the next few years, we plan to strategically open Tims-Go coffee shops, in METRO China stores across 60 cities, growing our brand, revenue, and margins.

CEO of Tims China, Yongen Lu

The new shop openings add to a total of more than 335 stores that are operated by Tims China in the country. On top of that, the partnership provides the coffee chain’s Chinese subsidiary with the benefit of preferred site selection, marketing initiatives and delivery services.

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