USDA Coffee Reports

The following tables are taken from the USDA’s bi-annual report. You can download the current and historical reports in PDF format from their website.

We’re publishing the data in tables below so you can easily find, search and filter for the specific data you’re looking for.

USDA-2022-1-Arabica Production

USDA-2022-1- Robusta Production

USDA-2022-1- Production

USDA-2022-1-Bean Exports

USDA-2022-1-Soluble Exports


USDA-2022-1-Bean Imports

USDA-2022-1-Roast and Ground Imports

USDA-2022-1-Soluble Imports


USDA-2022-1-Domestic Consumption

USDA-2022-1-Ending Stocks