Nick outside his cafe with some friends


In this epic episode, Max and Nick explain how you can fake talking Italian, and Nick manages to insult several nations in one podcast. Nick mentions interviews coming up on Bartalks including Philippe Juglar, President of the NGO AVPA, and Lameen from Coffee with Love. 

Max has a new coffee machine and talks (super nerdy alert) about programming an Arduino to upgrade the controls.

We talk about the famous Japanese Fertility Ceremony that happens each year. (Warning this section contains sexual references)

If you want to skip all that and just listen to the review, jump about 39 minutes into the podcast.

Philippe Juglar, the President of AVPA, an NGO based in France talks to Bartalks about his history in Coffee since the 1980’s and how his organisation champions local small producers who roast and sell in their local markets.

This week we (Max) reviews Mill Town Dark Roast. Nick drank it all before remembering to take notes, so Max goes it alone on the review. Max, who renovated espresso machines in his free time, explains the differences between double boiler and heat exchange machines.

Another great brew from Brew Up. We can’t help going back a few times to the roasters we like. Nick talks about the review he did on the Peak Water filter and it descends into a discussion on Water chemistry. 

If you stay to the end of the podcast, Nick reveals he has a surprising and secret talent.

Bartalks Interview: Maverick Chocolate

Paul Picton from Maverick Chocolate based out of Cincinnati, Ohio talks to us about why he started a Bean to Bar business and his unique method for discovering the best cocoa suppliers.

This week, we drink the fabulous espresso blend out of Bean Smitten’s Roastery. Max thinks we can replace him with an A.I. Bot, and nobody will notice, and Nick admits to having a problem buying grinders.

Bartalks Interviews: Those Coffee People

We chat with Jennifer Poole from Those Coffee People and learn a lot about the challenges of Direct Trade, how many farmers don’t see themselves as a business, and who can benefit from the Direct Trade model.

Brown Bear – ‘Real Colombia’ coffee – is it bearable? (sorry). Nick also has a rant about racism, employment law and probably foolishly argues that La Marzocco should be given time to work out their internal problems. (we skipped episode 4 to talk about the Racism issue – episode 4 which was recorded in advance, will be released next week.)

In this episode, Nick & Max touch on the issues of coffee farmers and the direct trade model. We had been drinking Javascript Espresso from Beanberry Coffee Company. Note, in the podcast I say that I don’t think Beanberry puts the roast date on their bags, but as you can see in the photos below, they do. Sorry about my mistake!

In this episode we talk about Gitega Hills from Alchemy. This turned out to be one of Nick’s favourite and one of Max’s least favourite. Nick’s audio is still pretty rubbish – it gets better in the next episode.

We kick off our reviews of this very nice Brazilian coffee that makes an excellent espresso that we think many people will love. Apologies about my audio quality – I hadn’t finished setting up a new mic.

Bartalks Interviews: Dwellings Now

We talk about housing in Honduras for coffee farmers, and how Tom Hackett, indomitable founder of the charity Dwellings Now helps some of the poorest families live with dignity.