Cropster Talks about A.I.

Martin Wiesinger CTO of Cropster and Lisa Gringl, Cropsters’ Product Manager talk with Nick from Bartalks about Artificial Intelligence in their new software.

What is A.I. and why is it in your roaster – watch to find out.

From Coffee with Love

A Nobel Prize Winner and coffee fanatic leaves his job in the U.N. and moves his family to Cape Town to open a Coffee Shop.

Lameen Muhammed Abdul-Malek is that person, and today he talks to Bartalks about coffee, philosophy, his desire to help coffee shop entrepreneurs, and his website ‘From Coffee with Love’.

Gilles Brunner, Co-Founder of Algrano

Brunner and his co-founders at Algrano are blazing a trail to enable roasters to buy green beans direct, without any of the usual attached headaches.

Algrano serves the European market and has a modern robust software platform, backed up by their own support. 

In this interview, Brunner talks to Nick about some of the details in using their platform.

Philippe Juglar, president of AVPA

Philippe has been active in the coffee industry since the 80’s. In this interview, he explains why it’s important to recognise the small producers roasting locally in their domestic market.

Jeniffer Poole, Co-Founder of ‘Those Coffee People’

Jennifer Poole from Those Coffee People in Colombia talks to Bartalks on Direct Trade for coffee roasters, and how she has nightmares about logistics.

Find out more about ‘Those Coffee People” at Read more stories and interviews at Bartalks

Dwellings Now – Building houses for coffee workers

Nick Baskett interviews Tom Hackett, founder of Dwellings Now, a charity that provides housing for poor coffee farmers in Honduras and beyond.

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