Nick Baskett

Nick Baskett is the editor in Chief at Bartalks. He holds a diploma from the Financial Times as a Non Executive Director and works as a consultant across multiple industries. Nick has owned multiple businesses, including an award-winning restaurant and coffee shop in North Macedonia.

Vegans Can Enjoy The Best Chocolate

What is Vegan Chocolate and Who Makes the Best Bars

n this article, we’ll take a closer look at the vegan chocolate market and answer these questions: Are all dark chocolates vegan? Is there a milk chocolate vegan equivalent? Who makes the best vegan chocolate in your market and where you can buy their products? Since veganism is associated with ethical practices, we’ll also pay close attention to consumers of vegan chocolate: what do they want? And what else you should look for when choosing vegan chocolate.

Coffee Market Price Unpredictable


Covid 19 has shown that the only reliable prediction is for unpredictability. Coffee prices are no exception as disruption in the supply chain is compounded by more countries restricting exports of foodstuffs, a potential continued lockdown just as the critical harvesting season begins in Brazil.

Luckin Coffee


You might think Luckin Coffee is a Coffee company, but you’d be wrong – no, it’s a consumer technology business. At least this is how they presented themselves to the stock market, which understands that tech companies build revenues with fast growth, but often lacking any profit in their initial years.

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