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Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger

International sandwich and coffee chain Pret a Manger launches a new £20/month coffee subscription service in the UK.

As part of the company’s digital strategy to get customers back in stores, they have launched ‘YourPret Barista Subscription’ available from Tuesday 8 September.

However, the news was received with mixed results with some consumers complaining that it went to show the coffee was overpriced in the first place.

Many of Pret a Manager’s outlets are based in busy office areas and train stations, both of which have seen foot traffic severely decline as a result of travel restrictions after COVID 19.

The company is experimenting with ways to stay viable in a landscape where there is no guarantee of a return to previous levels of in-store business for some time.

Customers can redeem one “barista-prepared” drink – including coffees, teas and iced drinks – every 30 minutes, up to a maximum of five per day.

Those who sign up will be able to get the first month free as an introductory offer, and will then pay £20 per month.


  • The cost’s £20/month, with the first month free – and there’s no minimum subscription period. You can cancel at any time – so you could in theory bag the month’s free trial, then cancel before the month’s up to avoid paying anything.

  • You can get up to five drinks per day – but only one drink every 30 minutes. So you won’t be able to use the subscription to get a round of drinks in for friends.

  • It’s not just coffee – a wide range of drinks are included, though not food. You can order coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and all iced drinks are also included in the offer – including iced coffees, cold brews, frappes and smoothies (though the cocoa, almond butter & banana smoothie, raspberry, mango & ginger smoothie, and avocado, mango & ginger smoothie are all excluded). You can also ask for milk alternatives, syrups and extra shots for your drink under the subscription. Pret’s food range and bottled cold drinks aren’t included.

    You also won’t be able to get your redeemed drinks served in a reusable cup, due to ongoing concerns about coronavirus.

  • The subscription works at all Pret shops in the UK, bar one. You can’t use it at the outlet at South Mimms Services.

    You’ll need to order from a Pret shop – so you won’t be able to get them via Deliveroo, for instance. We’re double-checking that you’ll be able to get them to take away, and will update this story when we hear back from Pret.

  • You’ll be able to subscribe online, then show a code on your phone. Once you’ve signed up online, you’ll be sent a confirmation email and an email with a QR code (you’ll get a new QR code each month when your subscription renews).

    You’ll then need to show the QR code – either on your phone or as a printed voucher – when you go to a Pret store. It’ll be scanned, so you can redeem your drink. It’s worth noting the T&Cs state you’re not allowed to share your subscription with anyone else.

    Remember that once you’ve signed up, you’ll be automatically charged for the subscription each month, though you can cancel at any time.

Full ‘YourPret Barista’ Terms & Conditions can be found here.

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