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The annual Managers’ Conference of Olam Cocoa Ghana, one of Ghana’s largest private licensed buying companies (LBCs), featured presentations and discussions with industry stakeholders on topical issues concerning the sector.

COCOBOD’s Mr Aidoo, told the delegates of the plenary session that climate change and COVID 19 had had a profound effect on the cocoa sector.

As a consequence, he explained, whenever the climatic balance is disturbed, cocoa cultivation, the livelihood of cocoa farmers, as well as the quality of chocolate, are adversely affected.

The theme of the conference was, ‘Delivering FY21 in the face of current industry dynamics’. The conference is a major event, lasting an entire week, and kicked off on 2nd September, attended by 500 company managers.

In the face of the financial challenges and the impact of COVID 19, Olam International has continued to show maximum support for Ghana and COCOBOD…

We are one of the leading buyers of beans from Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) through our external trading arm as well as for our Olam Cocoa Processing supplies. – Eric Botwe, Business Head

Aside from commending the team for its hard work, he called on staff members to stay committed to ensuring the continued leadership position of Olam within the internal marketing sphere.

Mr Amit Agrawal, the country head of Olam, told attendees, “Olam Ghana has, within a short period, birthed six different businesses, which are all leading in market share.

Agrawal continued to say that the business had fortunately digitised their operations prior to COVID, meaning that much of their processes could now be done cashless, and without paper. This allowed them an advantageous position for continuing business safely during the pandemic.

The event was heavily oriented towards training and group learning. So attendees got involved in a wide range of subjects, from financial management and project management to presentation skills.

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