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Malaysian barista, Irvine Quek Siew Lhek, has done it again and won another international latte art championship.

Last year, he won the 2018 World latte Art Championship (WLAC) organised by World Coffee Events in Brazil, and now he has won the 2019 World Latte Art Battle (WLAB) organised by World Coffee Battle in Seoul, South Korea.

Quek defeated South Korean, Kim Young Jin, by 10 points with a score of 73 at the competition which was held over the weekend till Monday.

“Get the world champion title in a same day, but different year. After 365 days, I’m back to the stage again-he said

“It was a very tough time for me and full of stress in the period of preparation. Glad that I made it and I feel so happy. To all the people who supported me, I’m happy that I didn’t disappoint you all, ” he said in an Instagram post.

Quek added: “Feel honoured to be with the best of the best on the same stage. You guys are awesome and you guys are always my inspiration.”

Via Instagram, Quek also showed the creative latte design of a bear with a fish in its mouth which put him ahead of the competition.

“Spent almost three months to develop just one pattern for the first time. Tried to perfect every single detail of this pattern and to make it more realistic and impactful, ” he said.

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