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Last Updated on April 5, 2020 by Nick Baskett

This April, Boston turned into the hot spot of the coffee industry, when the Specialty Coffee Expo welcomes exhibitors and visitors form the U.S. and all around the world for trend scouting and networking.
The event was the stage for MAHLKÖNIG to provide exclusive views into the future of coffee grinding, featuring a brand new smaller hopper for the EK43 as well as the launch of the E65S on the American continent.

MAHLKÖNIG’s E65S is the perfect synergy of premium espresso grinding technology and pioneering features for a great taste in the cup. The king of grinders has equipped the new model with a multifunctional turn- and push-button, an innovative icon menu and presets for up to 6 individually programmable recipes. The slim elegant corpus with a cutting-edge multi-color design features first class components and coatings for a premium look and feel. But its design pleases more than just the eye: the E65S produces the most pleasant and silent grinding sound ever. However, the overall construction of this grinder is robust and made to sustain high workloads. A new icon of espresso grinding is born!

It’s all about the aroma, isn’t it? Farmers, roasters and baristas seek to optimize their processes, roasting profiles and brewing methods in order to get no less than the full aroma of every single bean to where it belongs: inside the cup. Consistent and even grinding plays an important role, too. And likewise does the dosing. As MAHLKÖNIG recognizes that pre-dosing single portions becomes part of the routine in more and more specialty coffee shops, the grinder manufacturer comes up with a new smaller hopper version to the undisputed queen of grinding, the EK43. This will step up the workflow of single portion preparation significantly, hence contribute to what it’s all about: the aroma inside the cup.

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