Mahlkonig Guatemala grinder


Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Nick Baskett

Mahlkonig – German born company whose solely focussed on designing and manufacturing commercial grade espresso coffee grinders releases the ‘new’ Guatemala grinder.

For decades, the Guatemala has provided premium coffee grinding to coffee shops, roasteries and laboratories worldwide. Mahlkönig’s product development team has completely redesigned this popular grinder model, and is now making a comeback to the market.  


Mahlkönig wanted the new Guatemala to fully meet their high quality standards, it got equipped with a further developed set of burrs. In addition, the proven vertical positioning of the grinding chamber ensures for almost residue-free grinding.

Another highlight is the new hopper with a capacity of about 900 grams – quite a bit more than its predecessor. Modern pictograms on the outside of the grinder guide the user to find the ideal grind size setting for each brew method in a quick and easy way. The metal spout with bag clamping and the height-adjustable removable table provide absolute ease of use while ensuring that every single gram gets captured.  


The grinder has been given a fresh new look. The high quality full aluminium body features sturdiness and maximum longevity. Its modern shape and the black colour fit into any kind of ambience where the grinder becomes a quality promise and a visual highlight at the same time.


The new Guatemala is a first-class premium grinding machine with user-friendliness and modern product design. It is made for brew bars, for pre-ground coffee retail as well as for cupping and analysis at the laboratory.  

The machine is available for pre-orders. First deliveries will take place during spring 2021.

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