Mr Suliman Kamara is the CEO of VADEMCO, a small agribusiness entity that serves as service providers for smallholder farmers, mainly cocoa farmers. He contacted Bartalks to ask for some assistance in sourcing equipment for a new initiative to produce artisanal chocolate.

VADEMCO will also aggregate cocoa beans for exporting companies in the Republic of Liberia, where they serve to connect supported farmers’ to these exporters ensuring complete representation across the industry in Liberia.

VADEMCO works with these farmers to produce high-quality cocoa beans, and now they want to take it to the next stage and start manufacturing artisanal chocolate for local consumption.

The only problem is they do not have access locally to the equipment required for processing the chocolate or packaging materials for both the chocolate balls, bar and powder. They asked Bartalks to publish a post so that anyone who is able to supply the right kind of equipment to Liberia or advise them on how they can start with this initiative, can contact them.

If anyone is able to assist Mr Kamara, please contact them directly via their website

VADEMCO was contracted by Solidaridad West Africa –Liberia (SWA-Liberia) project to establish and manage four (4) CCDs in Bong and Lofa Counties as On-Stop-Shop cocoa development initiative under Cocoa Intensification and Rehabilitation Programme (CORIP) in Liberia. The four CCD offices manage by VADEMCO are in Lofa- Voinjama and Kolahun and Bong-Gbartala and Palala.

Providing all services to smallholder cocoa farmers, NGOs and private individuals cocoa development and production. Provides services such as seedling nursery establishment (cocoa, coffee, forest trees, etc.), farm rehabilitation services, marketing linkages, etc. European Union is the funding institution of the programme.

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