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Lavazza Professional is launching Flavia Creation 600, a brewer designed with hygiene benefits for offices reopening under the “new normal” parameters required by the COVID-19 pandemic, in September 2020.

The C600 offers two important differentiators: delivering both hot and cold beverages in one machine and provides ease of management to streamlined brewer maintenance.

Far too many companies start with innovation, then try to make it fit into their market’s needs. But our formula for success has always been to reverse the process—first understanding what really matters to people and what they really need at work, then developing the technology that delivers

Bruce Williamson, Vice President of Innovation and Marketing at Lavazza Professional

Editors Note

These words accurately paraphrase a famous clip where Steve Jobs from Apple answers a very challenging question that directly criticised Jobs, stunning the audience who wonders how he will respond.

This is at a time when Apple is close to bankruptcy and Jobs has just returned to the company in a very uncertain future. After considering the question for a moment in silence he effectively gives the same answer as Williamson above, which has since become a mantra for marketing executives. The clip for those interested is here

Lavazza Professional designed the C600 to have touchless brewing options for the end-user. This includes the tap and brew application, which allows employees to brew beverages from their smartphone without touching the touchscreen.

There will also be an optional protective film to be applied to the screen for always-on surface protection with 24/7 antimicrobial efficacy, proven by independent laboratories applying ISO standards.

       Lavazza lists the features:

  • No ice needed to make cold drinks, with the addition of Flavia Chill.
  • Patented frothing technology that enables people to create speciality drinks by frothing any fresh dairy or non-dairy milk directly in their cup.
  • Consumption trends allow office managers to see what’s popular with their employees and adjust orders appropriately.
  • Automatic service alerts are sent to the beverage distributor for tech support.
  • Remote configuration helps minimise in-person appointments and outside traffic into an office. A distributor can remotely update firmware, modify drink menus, and adjust settings.
  • Allows workers to send restocking requests and issue alerts to the office manager from the brewer screen.
  • Customisable brewer screen content templates allow for a more personal experience and an added communications channel for keeping employees up to date.

Lavazza Professional hopes the C600 will be seen as a new, innovative workplace solution and also as a hygienic, easy-to-use brewer.


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