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Lavazza has launched their docufilm “Coffee Defenders, a Path from Coca to Coffee,” on June 5th, directed by Oscar Ruiz Navia. It was released on streaming platform Amazon Prime Video, initially in Italy, the US, and the UK.

The documentary tells the true story of Johana, a young Colombian woman who lost everything during the conflict with the FARC guerrillas but succeeded in controlling her life and that of her six children.

She insisted on living in her community in the fertile and unspoiled land of the Meta coffee growing region in the Andes. In 2013, the Colombian government gave farming families the land previously used to grow illegal crops.

“Behind the Scenes” from Lavazza

According to Lavazza, the movie is a part of a larger “Coffee Defenders” media initiative inspired by the stories of coffee producers who have benefited from the ongoing Lavazza Foundation.

Lavazza supported efforts through public and private partnerships in 17 countries, across three continents, that help some 97,000 coffee growers.

Lavazza mentions their programme to help more than 100 families in the Meta region. They try to help them by improving the socio-environmental sustainability of agricultural production.

The programme has also been developed with a particular accent on promoting women’s rights, an awareness that women produce up to 70% of the workforce involved in coffee growing, but that farms have women managers in only 25% of cases.

Mario Cerutti, Chief Institutional Relations and Sustainability Officer at Lavazza, said that the documentary promotes the Message, the Sustainable Development Goal that they have added to the 17 Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda the aim of engaging people in a debate on sustainability.

Lorenzo Giorda, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Lavazza, stated that the docufilm is an important asset to tell through a different, visual, authentic, and universal language the theme of sustainability. Sustainability has been an integrated part of Lavazza’s business for many years, which will characterize it from now on.


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