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To make use of unused space, design company TD atelier installed a box-like structure that opens up into a tiny coffee shop on the rooftop of a five-story hotel in Kyoto, Japan. 

As the coffee shop — called ‘Miharashi Coffee’ where ‘Miharashi’ translates to “good view’ — is on the tallest building in its vicinity, customers have unobstructed views of the city’s landscape. 

When the structure of the coffee shop is stored, it compacts down to a small box and takes up little space. The box is opened by dragging the door to the side, revealing shelves with coffee-making equipment. The roof, along with a side panel, can be slid forward to double the size of the structure. 

The ‘Box’ Coffee shop expands when open

The intact part of the coffee shop box is the kitchen area where the coffee machine, sink and refrigerator is built-in. The extended structure features a wooden stand for customers to order and collect their drinks.  

The structure pushes back into itself when the shop is closed to make space

This design is a creative way of using and saving space, which is a prominent concept with a lot of Japanese interior designs due to small spaces in populated cities like Kyoto.

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