We talk with Steeped Coffee’s founder and CEO Josh Wilbur about the companies uniquely developed Single-Serve Coffee Bags, and how they ensure the delicate flavour profiles of speciality coffee are captured.

‘Coffee in a bag’ may give the impression of being comparable to instant, but in this interview, Josh explains the combination of technology and processes that allow speciality roasters to create a brewing experience that is more closely aligned with other speciality brewing methods.

The idea sounds simple, but creating a product that meets the expectations of the fussy speciality coffee industry was deceptively tricky. The company has been endorsed by the SCA, and many top roasters have developed optimised roast profiles for the Steeped Coffee solution.

The company, driven by Josh, is on a mission to make speciality coffee accessible and practical, while fundamentally addressing a number of environmental and sustainability issues.

Josh runs the business using a Double Bottom Line reporting model, meaning the company not only measures their finances but also their social impact. It was important to him that this was built in from day one, and is at the heart of the business. Talking with Josh, you realise this is a topic to which he is genuine and deeply committed.

At one stage in the interview, Josh explains that his investors have come at this with the same ESG objectives, and how it was important that they do this from the start and not try to wait for the right time in the business’ lifecycle.

Listen or watch the interview below. The audio version of the interview is available on our Bartalks Interview podcast, and the video is on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to get notified of new interviews.


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