Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges for retailers and CPG manufacturers. Many are seeking alternative solutions. Illy has formed a partnership with Pod Foods, a startup that uses a marketplace model, streamlines the process and eliminates steps in the chain.

Illycaffè’s growing Ready-to-Drink coffee portfolio, including its new Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew product, is now available to retailers on the platform, which opposes the need to work through large distributors.

Pod Foods’ co-founder and CEO, Larissa Russell, said that the partnership offers a whole new solution for recognisable brands like Illy to launch their latest products easier. She added that it even gets Illycaffè’s latest products in front of smaller specialty retailers faster and easier, especially when challenged with distribution restrictions from mainstream partners or other difficulties like Covid-19.

Illycaffè officially launched on Pod Foods in early June. Pod Foods services hundreds of retailers across the US, with distribution centers in California, New York, and Chicago and the Pod Direct drop ship programme.

Retailers may sign up online or request to purchase specific products (such as illy Caffè RTD Coffee) through the portal.


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