Illycaffè offers customers a 9-month sensory journey exploring the 9 of the best Arabica coffee beans included in Illy’s unique blend.

The mission, Illy claims, is to discover the best harvests from the world’s leading coffee-producing countries. While there may be some marketing shine added to the statement, Illy as a company carries a lot of weight in the coffee industry and their marketing initiatives are likely to get attention from a wider consumer base.

Starting from June 2020, customers will have the chance to enjoy, for just one month, exclusive micro-lots from the best finalist harvests in the fourth edition of the ‘Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award’, which took place in New York on October 5th, 2019.

The Award also serves as a reminder and renewal of Illycaffè’s commitment to improving the lives of coffee producers worldwide.

The best of the world’s coffee production for the 2018-2019 edition of ‘Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award’ is represented by harvests from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, and Rwanda.

The “Best of the Best” award was given to the Colombian producer association “Spirit of Peace Ex-Combatants” – Ascafè. The winner of the “Coffee Lover’s Choice” honor, bestowed on the producer who received the most votes from consumers through blind tasting events was ‘Rwanda’s Ngamba Coffee Washing Station’ for the second consecutive year.

The tasting calendar is as follows:

  • June 2020 – Brazil
  • July 2020 – Colombia – winner of the “Best of the Best” award
  • August 2020 – Costa Rica
  • September 2020 – Ethiopia
  • October 2020 – Guatemala
  • November 2020 – India
  • December 2020 – Nicaragua
  • January 2021 – Honduras
  • February 2021 – Rwanda – winner of the “Coffee Lover’s Choice” award

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