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London, 15 July 2022 –The International Coffee Organization’s Executive Director (ICO ED), Vanúsia Nogueira, met with HE Natalia Royo de Hagerman, Ambassador of Panama, on 14 July to discuss the challenges facing the coffee sector globally, as well as with specific reference to the Panamanian sector.

During the meeting, they discussed a range of issues under consideration and the importance of achieving meaningful
outcomes, in particular regarding the next steps of the International Coffee Agreement 2022.

The ICO ED reiterated strong support for implementing potential joint activities with the specialty coffee segment, involving producers from Panama who to this day produce the most expensive coffees in the world.

Ms Nogueira also highlighted the ICO’s approach whereby new regulations and due diligence are used to manage current and future challenges and opportunities affecting the sector. Finally, HE Ms Royo de Hagerman and Ms Nogueira underlined the importance of maintaining positive and productive negotiations in order to identify practical solutions that strengthen Panama’s engagement with the ICO.

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