Strong growth – Collaboration with a significant international coffee chain – Massive job creation – Factory expansion

The young, 2009-founded Valais-based manufacturer of professional fully automatic espresso machines continues to grow strongly and plans to expand its operations in Sierre.

Emerging from the pandemic with momentum

Like the entire gastronomy-related industry, Eversys has felt the effects of the pandemic. In 2020, the company could still buck the trend. While the industry slumped by around a third, Eversys grew by 15%. But in 2021, it had to digest a drop in sales, though only a slight one of 10%.

Since last autumn, however, orders have picked up significantly, and Eversys expects year-on-year growth of over 50% for 2022, probably breaking the CHF 100 million turnover mark for the first time. The biggest challenges in achieving this milestone currently lie in material procurement.

Eversys foresees continuous growth for 2023 thanks to a well-filled pipeline and substantial customer projects. In addition, preparations for the launch of a new product line called ‘Légacy’ are currently in full swing. With this latest design approach that should appeal to businesses that want to present a more traditional face to the consumer, Eversys hopes to open up new customer segments worldwide, and they have high expectations.

We didn’t see a geographic breakdown of sales, but assuming a large amount of revenue is generated in the U.S., then a strong dollar will help drive repatriated profits over the next 12-18 months on the condition the Swiss Franc doesn’t appreciate at the same rate.

Strategic cooperation with a significant international coffee chain

A year ago, the opportunity arose for Eversys to tackle a joint project with one of the world’s leading coffee house chains. This project, a fully automatic coffee machine for cold brewed coffee, has progressed so well that the two parties are tackling the next phase, i.e., planning and preparing for production, based on a Letter of Intent (LOI). From the beginning of 2024, large quantities of the new product shall be built in Sierre and delivered firstly to the USA.

New jobs and expansion of the factory building

Eversys has already created around 60 new jobs in Sierre in 2022 and is constantly looking for more staff in multiple functions, including 20 people for assembly.

These organisational reinforcements will continue throughout next year, especially to be ready for the production of the cold-brew machine.

To make the planned growth possible, Eversys is also expanding its production and office space. A massive expansion of the factory building has started. The existing 7’500 m2 facility, which was newly built only three years ago, will be extended by a factor of two and a half, i.e., by about 11’000m2 in the coming year. The land required for this was made available by the municipality of Sierre. This project represents an investment of around CHF 25 million with the aim of completing it before the end of 2023.

Eversys has promising prospects, and we feel comfortable in Sierre and well supported by the cantonal and municipal authorities. Provided that the global environment does not have a significant negative impact on the economy, we should be able to double turnover in the coming years and grow our global team to around 500 people.

Martin Strehl, CEO, Eversys

About Eversys SA:

Eversys is a Swiss manufacturer of professional coffee equipment specialising in innovative design of Super Traditional coffee machines. Its vision is to bridge the gap between traditional Italian coffee equipment with the electronic intelligence of super automation, ensuring coffee quality in the cup is delivered every time. All machines are manufactured in Switzerland and sold and serviced globally via a network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Eversys, founded in 2009 as a start-up company in the Valois (CH), has been fully taken over by the Italian stock-listed De’Longhi Group in 2021 and operates as a strategically independent unit.

The Eversys Group – headquartered in Sierre (CH) with subsidiaries in Münsingen (CH), USA/CAN, UK/IRE and branch offices in China and Dubai – comprises a team of 300 employees.

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