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Honduras has revised downwards its estimate of coffee exports in 2021-2022 by12.8% from its original forecast. The result was attributed to decreasing yields from the coffee plants, as well as the persisting Coffee Leaf Rust in the region.

The board of the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) is expecting the country to produce just over 5m 60-kilogram bags. In 2020-2021, the largest coffee exporter in Central America exported just under 5.9m bags.

Feeling the impact of a cyclical phenomena that affects mostly older plants

President of the Honduran Association, Miguel Pon

Board member and President of the Honduran Association of Coffee Exporters, Miguel Pon, stated in an interview that coffee farm owners were “feeling the impact of a cyclical phenomena that affects mostly older plants”.

Pon added that the farmers have been unable to eradicate the pernicious coffee leaf rust over the last few years, which has contributed to the fall in production.

Despite these challenges, exports had increased 14.3% to 1,584,268.34 bags in this February harvest compared to the previous one, according to IHCAFE

Image by Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security | Flickr

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