A total of 55,000 coconut seedlings have been donated to farmers in the Sefwi-Bodi District of Ghana’s Western North Region, under the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) project. 

The project seeks to provide an extra revenue stream for the local farmers by diversifying their offering to include crops other than Cocoa. By boosting the local production of the crop, Cocoa farmers will be able to supplement their income, while simultaneously earning some foreign exchange for the country.

Diversification of crops is a key factor in the battle to keep Cocoa farmers out of poverty, particularly as the effects of low yields and diseased Cocoa crops are still being felt. 

The District Chief Executive of the area, Mr Ignatius Akwasi Amankwah indicated that the addition of coconut farming was necessary to combat the financial impact of depleting Cocoa production, which he partly attributes to Galamsey activities.

He encouraged the farmers to plant the new crops at a suitable time and be mindful of their agricultural practises to ensure a good-sized yield. Mr Amankwah said that the government is ready to change the economic condition of the people through various initiatives.

As cocoa is a seasonal crop, it is important that cocoa farmers have additional opportunities to earn an income during Cocoa’s low season.

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