Fuji Oil Holdings and Blommer Chocolate Co announced that they revealed two worldwide initiatives that address the most important social problems faced by the cocoa industry.

The first initiative is a commitment to put an end to child labor (WFCL) in the company’s cocoa supply chain by 2025. Eventually, to put an end to all forms of child labor as defined by the International Labor Organization by 2030. The second initiative is a commitment to distribute 1,000,000 forest tree seedlings by 2030 to areas deforested as a consequence of cocoa farming.

Fuji Oil and Blommer stated that through their Sustainable Origins programme, they had set up child labor monitoring and remediation systems (CLMRS) in 97% of their direct supply chain. In delivering on the commitment to eliminate the WFCL, Fuji Oil and Blommer will expand the CLMRS activity to include the remainder of their cocoa bean and product supply chain as part of a multi-layered strategy. Their activity will also include polygon mapping, women’s empowerment, and access to education.

The companies have two other initiatives to join, led by the Jacobs Foundation. The first initiative is Child Learning and Education Facility, and the other initiative is based in Cote d’Ivoire. The initiative is called the Early Learning and Nutrition Facility (ELAN).

Also, Fuji Oil and Blommer said they would establish a new sustainability program in Ghana, incorporating the same multi-tiered approach. The programme will supply beans and products to Europe, Asia, and the United States. Additional regions of the supply chain will be considered in later years.


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