Virtual Workshops: Coffee Tasters’ Flavour Wheel

The SCA Flavor wheel is a tool designed to unify the language around coffee flavor. This class describes the development and science behind the 2016 version of the wheel. Participants will learn how the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon was formed and how to use the lexicon alongside the wheel. Students will practice describing coffees […]


Wellington Chocolate Factory Eva Street, Wellington

Chocstock aims to connect and unify the blossoming NZ craft chocolate industry and our award-winning makers who celebrate and hero the cocoa bean. As more New Zealanders become aware of craft chocolate we want to shine a light on the entire process - from bean to bar, to educate people about why this matters and […]


The International Cocoa Research Symposium attracted over 500 participants last year, not only from the scientific community, but also from the entire cocoa value chain, making it an attractive event for anyone concerned about the future of cocoa.

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