There is a new education benefit program introduced at Dutch Bros, that pays for employees who want to pursue a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree, or who want to earn other forms of certification.

Dutch Bros. was founded by Dane and Travis Boersma in Southern Oregon in 1992 and now has 480 locations in 11 states.

Under the scheme, the company will also pay for the books and fees for the students who participate in the program.

We’re seeing that this is a benefit to both attract, and retain employees, whether they’re entry level, mid management, or senior level – Dr. Jill Buban, Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions VP

In order to take advantage of these benefits, the employees must have been employed with the company for at least one year, and have worked at least 30 hours a week. They are entitled to receive up to $5,250 for college expenses each year.

I don’t think we go a day, without hearing something in the news about attracting and retaining talent in the workforce – Dr. Jill Buban

Specialists at Bright Horizons, which helped launch the program, believe corporate America will increasingly embrace benefits packages such as this.

Dutch Bros just had a successful floatation on the New York Stock Exchange, see this story, in which the company saw the stock soar 57% by the time the markets closed.

The company attributes their success in part, to great customer service, which invariably means making investments in training and culture. It makes sense for the company to protect that investment in an industry notorious for high levels of employee churn, by building long term incentive plans.

An employer that is providing an education benefit is really investing in the employee’s future, and as an employee, that kind of gives you a confidence boost and a morale boost, and a real buy into your position because it is thinking about your future and not just the 40 hour workweek. Dr. Buban added.

US companies have reported facing difficult hiring conditions, especially in hospitality, which is pushing up the competition, and employers are responding with improved salaries and benefits for workers.

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